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Data, Research & Reports

Data and


1 OBHPFG’s Georgia Strategic Prevention System (GASPS)

Data Warehouse – An online one stop shop for gathering state- and county-level data, as well as other national or external resources, related to substance abuse prevention, suicide prevention, and mental health promotion.

2 Voices for Georgia’s Children

Voices for Georgia’s Children is a network of agencies focused on research and analysis, public education, convening, and engagement with decision-makers. Utilize a holistic “whole child” perspective that allows us to identify how different policies impact children and to propose solutions that benefit children on multiple levels.

3 Georgia Insights

Georgia Insights is an initiative of the Georgia Department of Education, focused on improving the clarity and accessibility of district and school-level data through public-friendly and easy-to-use dashboards. Georgia Insights utilizes the data the state already collects and presents it using clear, easy-to-understand visuals.

Behavioral Health


Helping Children and Adolescents

Cope with Disasters and Other Trumas.

What Parents, Rescue Workers, and the Community can Do. National Institute of Mental Health.

Supporting Children’s Mental Health


Supporting Children’s Mental Health in Georgia Schools

How Three School-Based Mental Health Providers Serve Students.

By gleaning information and perspective from these in-depth interviews in the context of Georgia’s “new normal,” we have the opportunity to design a mental health service delivery future that is sleeker, more efficient, and more effective. And as children and youth emerge from sheltering in place, we will need this roadmap more than ever.

Children with Behavior and Learning Challenges.


Help Guides for Children

with Behavior and Learning Challenges

These Guides are for parents and caregivers but may also be helpful for teachers, advocates, and others concerned about school children with behavior or learning challenges. Georgia Appleseed Center for Law and Justice and its Young Professionals Council created the guides.

Helping Children and Adolescents Cope with Disasters and Other Trumas.


“Fall seven times.
Stand up eight."
― Japanese Proverb